CERT-In : Sensor for MSME networks for logs

CERT-in sensor MSME logs

If you are an MSME and are looking at complying to the CERT-In directives on logs, then, a sensor we’ve built for generating and storing logs of the entire network, might just be what you are looking for.

What do the CERT-In directives on logs state

All service providers, intermediaries, data centres, body corporate and
Government organisations shall mandatorily enable logs of all their ICT
systems and maintain them securely for a rolling period of 180 days and
the same shall be maintained within the Indian jurisdiction. These should
be provided to CERT-In along with reporting of any incident or when
ordered / directed by CERT-In.

Challenges faced in incident response environments (MSME) with no logs

The idea of building a sensor stemmed from our experiences of incident response in environments with zero security posture.

CERT-In sensor MSME logs

The same sensor can capture network packets and generate logs per the CERT-In directives.

At the btNOG-9 Conference on the 14th October 2022, I’ll be presenting Incident Response on a shoestring budget

In the presentation, I’ll share the challenges we faced in incident response environments with zero security posture, i.e. lacking logs, etc. The presentation will then focus on the solution – a sensor we built using open-source software such as Suricata and Zeek, logging DNS queries etc.

By deploying a sensor in the network, MSMEs can comply with the CERT-In directives and also facilitate incident responders to investigate security incidents.

Incident responders can leverage the rich logs by intercepting and ingesting packets into tools such as Zeek. If you are new to Zeek, check the blog post, Packets don’t lie – Threat Hunting with Zeek and the APNIC Academy page where a recording of the webinar will be available soon.

For a broader deep dive into why Network Security Monitoring is important in the context of incident response, check my presentation on Packets don’t lie – Network Security Monitoring (NSM) for the masses

Aside from the folks at BtCIRT, I am hoping there would be a bunch of other folks from a security background interested in incident response.

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