Jumping on the webinar bandwagon – Introduction to FreeBSD

Note – The FreeBSD Logo and the mark FreeBSD are registered trademarks of The FreeBSD Foundation and are used by Swapneel Patnekar with the permission of The FreeBSD Foundation.

With COVID-19 having disrupted NOG meetings, conferences and onsite trainings, I have decided to jump on the webinar bandwagon and experiment a bit.

On 8th June, I presented an introduction to FreeBSD to students and faculty from different colleges. 84 registered and about half of them attended the webinar.

The initial plan was to keep a time limit of 1 hour for the webinar including Q&A but that extended to roughly around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

In the webinar, I focussed on the FreeBSD Operating System but also provided a brief introduction to the FreeBSD project and the FreeBSD Foundation. In the key period of the session, I spent time on demonstrating installation of the FreeBSD operating system inside VirtualBox. The demo gods were with me on that day.

Based on some of feedback on social media as well as some which I received directly from known people, the webinar seems to have been well received.

There were good number of questions and most have shown interest in learning more advanced topics in FreeBSD like Jails & ZFS. I definitely intend to address that in the coming weeks. Along with FreeBSD Stay safe!