RIPE Atlas probe on AS55836!

It is quite overwhelming to see the coverage of RELIANCEJIO-IN -55836 in India. I was a little surprised to see that the network did not have a Atlas probe connected. The most common reason I can think of for that being the case, unlike a FTHH, ADSL connection etc mobile internet connections (3G/4G) involve a tad bit more setup to configure them such that they're serving a ethernet network. Considering the user population on RELIANCEJIO-IN -55836, it deserves a RIPE Atlas probe :-).

I decided to make use of GL-MiFi 4G Smart Router which I had picked up directly from their office during my last visit. The router can be configured in multiple ways - it provides two ethernet ports(LAN & WAN), ability to tether by connecting a mobile phone to the USB port and can also act as a Wi-Fi repeater. A big plus of GL-Net routers is the firmware. They run OpenWrt.

SIM Card SIM Card

After upgrading the firmware, inserting the SIM card and running a few AT commands to confirm the SIM got registered, the router automatically detected the network settings and I was able to access the 4G Internet successfully.

SIM Card

Sometime ago, I had applied for a RIPE Atlas probe when the new version v4 had released, decided to connect the new probe to the LAN of the router.

SIM Card SIM Card SIM Card SIM Card SIM Card

Finally, after completing the registration steps, there is now a probe successully running on AS55836

Last modified - 2019.06.08