Little Snitch Blocklists

What is Little Snitch? Little Snitch is a network monitor & application firewall for the Mac OS. On 21st May 2024, with the release of Little Snitch 6.0, a notable Blocklists feature has been made available. While the ability to add a custom blocklist existed in prior versions, it was a manual step. Little Snitch 6.0 changes that. Little Snitch 6.0 now provides a prepopulated list of blocklists for blocking Advertising, Malware, Tracking, Gambling etc.

Little Snitch - Capturing traffic of a specific process

While investigating a bit of oddity with the Skype app on Mac OS X, I wanted to capture all traffic from only the Skype processes. But first, a little background on the issue. All DNS traffic from my systems is routed through a WireGuard tunnel. The peer endpoint at the other end runs a recursive resolver with DNS Response Policy Zones (DNS RPZ). The issue is - that as soon as the WireGuard tunnel is disabled, Skype will try connecting to Google DNS(8.