Exploring Geopolitics, International Relations and Strategic Studies

A post here after a long time. I have been going down the rabbit hole and exploring Geopolitics, International Relations, and Strategic Studies.

I am stoked to share that I will be part of the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy(GCPP) Defence & Foreign Affairs cohort the Takshashila Institution offers to start tomorrow.

While I have been self-learning for some areas of interest, such as geopolitics, international relations and India’s foreign policy, I am looking forward to the course to gain a deeper understanding and networking with peers from various backgrounds in Indian armed forces, public policy Etc.

The classes will be held online on Saturday, requiring 4-5 hours in addition to the assignments and class work. It will be interesting to juggle my $dayjob and manage the class work and the deadlines, but as the saying goes, there is no gain without pain. 😀

One of the objectives for applying for the course was to understand the topics deeper and that geopolitics and international relations play an important role in dictating the flow of events in the cyber threat landscape.

Thanks to my good friend Karthik Bappanad for the encouragement.